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14th February 2015

Hello everyone!

How are we all doing on this, the day of love.

Just thought I’d check in with a little update of where we are. The Page has been released (as if you didn’t know) and so far; fingers, toes and everything else crossed people seem to like it. I’ve been lucky enough to get 21 amazon reviews already and all have been positive. In fact, 19 have been five star which is great news. It genuinely is an honour that people even read my books, so to enjoy them and take the time to review them is staggering. Thank you.

As for The Page, hopefully you didn’t miss that it was free for five days last week and in that time nearly 3,000 people downloaded it. Enough so that I was the #30 most downloaded book on Amazon for a short while! If you didn’t manage to get it free it’s still only £1.99 for the time being. You can link to it in numerous pages on this site.

What else? Oh, yeah the competition is now open that allows you to win the royalties I make in July. There’s more on this on the competition page. You’ll note that in the interests of fairness I didn’t give away the royalties from February (based on the fact it was free) but I reckon I’ve done some good groundwork for you all as the sales gather pace at full price heading toward July. That is, if the reviews continue to be positive. If you do read and enjoy The Page please take a few moments to review it. It makes a huge difference.

Now, for the important bit. The clues. People have asked me what they are actually looking for to guess the clues. I’ve been asked whether the final sentence of the first chapter is a clue. The answer is no. It is far more subtle than that, look for nouns. Look for why seemingly random descriptions of people, things, tables, places, cars, toasters, drinks etc. are named the way they are. That’ll get you closer. In the interests of fairness they’ll be no more giveaways on this now.

Finally, I’m out and about doing stuff over the next month including the Radio Sheffield breakfast show and Turn The Page festival on 21st March in Doncaster. This is a meet and greet and win books event with loads of other authors so should be good fun.

Right, I’m off for now. The day of love apparently is not a day to be blogging.

Take care