The Radio vs The Page – a trilogy, you say?

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14th February 2015

Just to clear this up. Once and for all.

The Radio and The Page are the first two books in the loosely titled ‘The The’ trilogy. Called this not for musical reasons but simply because all three books begin with the word, The.

The Radio takes around the same time that The Page takes place. i.e. in present times, George Poppleton and his family (The Radio) are doing what they are doing at around the same Michael Sewell is doing what he is doing (The Page).

For those keen eyed readers, you’ll see that toward the end of The Page, the two converge, as Michael’s world crosses over with George’s family’s world.

The last in the series, [working title] The Biscuits, brings all the characters together. Get ready when that happens…(!)

So no, it doesn’t matter which order you read the first two in. Just don’t read the third one first.