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Open Mic Night & Writing Tips Video Series

5th May 2021

Hey there! Hope you are all okay. A bit short notice, but tonight I’m appearing at the Sheffield Hallam University Open Mic night for creative writers. I’ll be ably accompanied by Matt Weigold, the narrator of the 337 audiobook, who will read an excerpt. If you want to attend please register with the spectacularly named […]

The Sun

19th September 2020

Article published in today’s Sun in relation to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. We can make a change.

Fear. Joy. Fear. (For fuck’s sake Be More Kind)

1st July 2020

Firstly, I’ll have to give an appreciative nod to my friend and rock-legend, Frank Turner for the partial theft of his lyrics. Be More Kind. Those three words fit so well here. I’ve toyed for weeks with the idea of writing some blog piece about the times we are living in. I mean, if someone […]

You’re the voice (try and understand it…)

30th June 2020

Hey all Hope everyone is okay and surviving the current unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. This is a bit of a long shot, but hey, its always worth asking. We are looking for someone to read my sixth novel “337” which is due out later this year. When I say read, I mean read […]