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9th January 2015

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all. Wow, its 2015, not sure where that came from, although I was bought a diary for Xmas so 2014 ending and 2015 beginning was not entirely unexpected. I just have no idea where the time goes nowadays. My teachers used to say that as we get older the days seem to rush by. Nothing could be truer.

Secondly, the excitement is now beginning to grow as my second novel, The Page is due out in less than four weeks. It seems surreal that suddenly the release date is fast approaching when it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since I sat down to begin to write it. At the same time, it also seems like a lifetime ago.

The Page is receiving early good reviews which is satisfying, I do hope that everyone enjoys it. Just to clear a few things up, as I keep getting asked the same questions over and over.

The Page is (and isn’t) the follow up to The Radio. It is certainly the second in the loosely titled ‘The The’ trilogy. You needn’t have read The Radio to understand what the hell is going on in The Page and similarly the other way around. For those keener readers, there are a number of sideways glances from one book to another. However, though the two may seem entirely unrelated, they most certainly aren’t and all will be revealed in the final instalment.

The other question relates to the third book in the trilogy. This is currently untitled, and isn’t (as has been wrongly reported) called A Tiny Feeling of Fear. A Tiny Feeling of Fear or The Two Sides of One (to give it its full name) will be my third novel. It’s partially completed and I’m hoping it’ll be out this time next year. The truth be told, I got fed up of books with the word ‘The’ followed by a single word, so thought of a ridiculously long title to go with my next story, which is again a black comedy with a twist which involves an arm trapped in a photocopier. I can’t say much more on this for now.
Finally, massive thanks to the Barnsley Chronicle, Yorkshire Post, Radio Sheffield, Radio Leeds, Calendar, Radio Dearne, Radio Sine and various others who are all covering the release of The Page. You may have noticed that to support the release I have idiotically launched a competition to give away my hard earned royalties. Details are on this site.

I have loads going on, so I need to go for now. My watch says it’s ‘FRI’ night. I’m sure I started writing this on Thursday. I might just check my new diary as to what day it actually is. And what year.

Thanks so much for your support, so far. Do enjoy The Page (and if you don’t when you review it on Amazon, please pretend you did. If in doubt, five stars will do).

Take care