Today is my birthday. And to celebrate…

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5th April 2016

I am delighted to say that I have been invited to become a Huffington Post blogger. I am hoping that this will help me to raise further awareness of mental health issues and contribute that little bit more to removing the stigma attached.

My first blog has gone to the Huffington Post editors (its like writing another novel, only shorter) and should appear very soon. I’ll post it up here as soon as it does.

Talking of other novels, my fourth novel tentatively titled “The Dog Hanger”, is complete. It only took six weeks which is really rapid and really weird but probably reflects the state of mind where I am currently and the absolute focus I had on the story. I hadn’t written anything for six months prior to that. It now needs an enormous edit but I hope to get it completed properly by the end of April.

Finally, filming begins the week after next for the documentary short somebody thought it was a good idea to film about me. Prepared to be bored to tears. Aside from the soundtrack. Provided by Hallelujah The Hills. Thank you.

Oh, and I’m 42 today.