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24th March 2016

Hi All

Sorry for the slight silence. It’s all because novel#4 is racing toward completion at the speed of light.

Tentatively titled “The Dog Hanger” it tells the story of a family curse passed down over many generations. Oh, and as you may expect, there is a twist. Quite a big one.

I started this novel on 17th February after a near six month period of writing abstinence. In the last four weeks I’ve managed to write nearly 50,000 words and it’s shaping up rather neatly. At this rate, I may yet get two books out this year.

I am also extremely grateful for the sudden influx of positive reviews for A Tiny Feeling of Fear which has really taken off just recently. Have a look at the reviews┬ásection, where you’ll see that twice in the last week or so it has been given the title of “Book of the Year 2016” which is pretty cool.

You may also have seen in the press that I have been filming a new documentary short (about fifteen minutes, I think) which is due to air in May/June 2016 which covers my life, mental health awareness oh, and writing. Should be good.

Watch this space for more news and do sign up for the mailing list to get the above novel before anyone else.

Take care everyone