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10th December 2013

I read a while ago that to ensure that people were aware of what you were up to, you should aim to blog at least once a month. Some say every week, others every day. And so, having taken that advice on board, I find myself penning this blog in December, noting that the whole of November has passed me by entirely.

Much to my shame (but I do have an excuse, honest) it is October since I last updated what I have been doing. That is primarily due to the fact since then I have been doing primarily nothing.

A recurrence of my ridiculous spinal issues reared its ugly head (can a spine have a head?) about six weeks ago. I have this stupid issue where they cut me up to alleviate one back problem (remove discs / insert metalwork / mess about with facet joints) which generally relieves that problem but causes another.

Thus, I have been unable to work, move and most importantly write for six weeks.

And so, sadly I had to cancel all speaking engagements as my surgeon and I embarked on the radiofrequency treatment. Quite apt I thought. Y’know (The Radio)frequency treatment.

Anyway, this amazing little wheeze involves inserting needles into my joints at the base of spine. Next, they burn across the nerves using electricity to mess up the signals to my brain. This effectively achieves a situation whereby I am actually in pain but the signals can’t get through to tell my brain that is the case. Pretty good, eh?

The bad thing is that the stupid human body has a way of healing itself and this process has to be repeated every six months. And it hurts. A lot.

So, I apologise from the heart (and spine) for the lack of updates. My second novel, The Page still sits at the 60,000 word mark which means 50,000 words to go. However, I am hoping that once my medical issues are sorted I will be ahem, ‘back’ on track early 2014.

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