Hearse transport? Welcome to 2014

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2nd January 2014

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all. I trust that the festive period was safe and enjoyable for you all.

The end of last year was a bit of a write off for me unfortunately. The old spine packed in and that left me horizontal and as such bored for the best part of a month.

A number of speaking engagements were cancelled which I can only apologise for. I did consider using a hearse to transport me from engagement to engagement however even I found this a little too macabre. Grisly, perhaps.

I was fortunate to be contacted by BBC Radio Sheffield on New Year’s Eve to ask me to record Live-ish with Toby Foster tomorrow. It’s the third time I’ve been invited on and is always good fun. I just wish they could broadcast all the bits that are cut. I suspect there may be an ensuing Court case or two if that was the case. Tune in on Saturday at 1pm for some festive laughs. If you’ve not heard it before it’s a comedy topical news quiz, like ‘Mock the Week’. Albeit there are less panellists. Less questions. A smaller audience. And no visuals.

Pretty similar, nevertheless.

Anyway I have a good feeling about 2014. It is definitely going to be a good one. My new book, The Page will be released and there are loads of festival appearances and speaking engagements coming up.

Please do continue to watch this space.