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York University Anthology at the City Screen – April 27th

26th April 2016

Just a quick note to say that if you are at a loose end tomorrow night (April 27th) at 8pm I am talking all things books and generally making a fool of myself in public. Come along to the City Screen in York and learn how not to publicly speak. Joff

Huffington Post #2

26th April 2016

Hi All Here’s the link to my second┬ápiece for the Huffington Post. Please share or pass it on if you think it may help someone. Joff  

“Book of the Month 2016”

20th April 2016

Wow, honoured to receive “Book of the Month” for my debut, The Radio from Seems a long long long time ago since I wrote that. Have a read here. Take care all Joff  

Huffington Post

7th April 2016

I’m absolutely delighted to have my first piece published in today’s Huffington Post. You can check it out here. Please please do share if you feel it will help anybody at all you may know, or are yet to meet. I may be overstating things if I say it may just save a life. But […]