#bookbloggers should be bathed in goats milk each and every day

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13th March 2018

Hey everyone

Reading back through my recent blogs, I note they all ominously begin with some backward apology for taking so long to write anything.

Blogs are one of those things where you need to keep up to date and get everything down as you go along, or like me, you forget things and ultimately look a complete idiot (also, like me).

The main reason for this blog was to praise the #bookbloggers of this world that help people like me get their voices heard and stories told. In this social media hungry world we live in, it is very difficult to get noticed and as usual it is those with the deepest pockets that end up with the bestselling authors. The #bookbloggers and certainly those who support my work at my publishers, Hideaway Fall (hey #teamhideaway!) make the hours and hours and hours of work I put in, worthwhile.

I try to thank each and every reviewer and blogger personally, but if I run out of time or forget someone, this is another public message of gratitude to you all.

On to other news, my fifth novel Drift Stumble Fall is out next month and is already getting very nice reviews. The first print run has already sold out.

Profits from my third novel, A Tiny Feeling of Fear are all being donated to mental health charities and if you haven’t already got one, have a look here. It’s all for a very good cause.

There is lots and lots going on which I can’t wait to tell you about, and I’ll be writing again soon. I wouldn’t want to look like an idiot, now would I?

Take care

I truly will be writing again soon,


PS. My sixth novel, 5ive Truths is a rather grisly and graphic tale of murder. With a twist, of course. If you aren’t already a #teamhideaway member and are a #bookblogger and you fancy getting on the ARC list, apply here.