Back again? So soon? Blame the fleas…

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29th August 2013

Today is a day that I am not ‘at work’.

I have taken a much needed day off to work on all things The Radio. Things that have been keeping me awake for a number of weeks now.

Several months ago I agreed to do a book tour, visiting schools, libraries, colleges, independent book stores and literary festivals to talk about The Radio and my journey to becoming a published author. “Of course I will,” I proclaimed, “I would be more than happy to talk to the students / customers / readers / audience / people trying to keep warm [delete as necessary] about it.”

But that was months ago, and since then I’ve not really thought about the content, nor what my story actually is. I have also agreed to do a reading from The Radio to give the audience a flavour of what my debut is about. No great shakes there then, I wrote it, piece of cake.

But then, a week or so ago I noticed in my diary that the first event is in the second week in September. When I checked my diary, that first event was a month away. Today, it is just two weeks. Gulp.

After a fortnight of near permanent insomnolence (I should never have checked my diary), coupled with unrivalled racing thoughts, I approached my boss on Tuesday and begged for a day’s holiday at short notice. Heroically, he agreed and today is that day. It is lucky in some ways that he did agree, as my mind inexplicably allowed the question; ‘What shall I wear?’ to sneak into last night’s 3am thoughts, adding a little variety to the usual; ‘What do I say?’; ‘What do I read?’ ‘Will people be interested?’…  (Anyone who has ever met me will understand that even for my sister’s wedding I never once considered the question ‘What shall I wear?’)

I woke with a headache this morning – not the best start to a day of writing speeches. I was further annoyed by my ability to always open packets of paracetamols at the end where the instructions clasp themselves around the tablets – adding a further, unnecessary step to receiving pain relief.

I also awoke to find that Cate (the kids’ cat – her name being simply ‘cat’ with an ‘e’ on the end) has fleas. Fumigation to commence later, when today’s task is complete.

And so to write the talks.

My goal for the day ahead.

Hopefully, it’ll be more of a success than the opening hours of the day so far. If I can get the majority of it written, then hopefully I can sleep – just a little bit – tonight.

Then again, the fleas may have other ideas…