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1st May 2015

I am pleased to announce that today, 1st May 2015, I signed a four-book deal with SoloPreneur Publishing House.

[Part of press release]

“The deal covers my first two novels, The Radio and The Page along with two further novels. The first of which, A Tiny Feeling of Fear [:working title:] will be released under the SoloPreneur imprint in November 2015.

The Radio and The Page will be repackaged and re-released in June 2015.”

More importantly, what do I think?

I have always promised to be open about everything on this blog. I am so excited about this opportunity. I have worked so hard to get to this far and I feel slightly overwhelmed by it all. Happy times like this are always tinged with some sadness, as my brother is not here to see it. I know that he’d have that big stupid grin on his face and we’d celebrate with a cigarette, perhaps an unfiltered Lucky Strike (Paul Sheldon-style). I’d like to believe all the ‘he’d be looking down on me’ stuff, but that’s not really my bag. Nevertheless, I have credit not just my brother, but my amazing children and now, my lovely fiancé for getting me this far. All I can say is that my fiancé remains the most tolerant person I know as far as my writing goes. I now have book #3 to finish by September 2015 and the long awaited final piece in The Radio/The Page trilogy for March 2016. I know she’ll support me all the way.

Thanks guys and thanks to you for reading my work and listening to my ramblings. Somehow to me they make sense.

All the best