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12th May 2014

Hi All

Sorry for absolutely no contact over the last few months. As any author will tell you the blasted edit of your next manuscript sucks the very life out of you and takes over every single waking moment of your life.

That’s right, The Page is very very nearly done and ready to head off to my excellent editor, Charlie who will spend her time ripping it to the shreds no doubt.

It’s been a long process with various rewrites. I was amazed to reach the end only to find that the location where the bulk of the story was set has changed from Barbados to Mexico without me even noticing. Thus, continuity is the name of the game now.

The cover art is nearly finalised and I suppose all I need do now is finalise the story to go behind it!

I have various appearances coming up over the next month including a slot at The Yorkshire Festival which should be fun. My talks are now a combination of veiled stand-up and self deprecation using Powerpoint to assist me. You should come along. I am sure to make an absolute idiot of myself. More details here: http://festival.yorkshire.com/contact

In the meantime, I’ll bid you farewell and update you when The Page lands. Very very excited about this.

All the best