Two weeks (and no cigarettes) later…

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13th June 2013

So, what has happened since the first blog entry?

Well, all sorts of things really.

I have been fortunate enough to receive a few more good reviews. Check out the review section of my website for links, but thank you so much for your kind words to Sheli Russ and The Book Boy, as well as all of the good, good people (thanks Embrace) who have spent a few moments reviewing on Amazon.

Talking of which, Amazon provided me with a two star “Awful!” review. I suppose the bubble of joy had to be popped briefly and although I do admit to sticking my tongue out at the screen I have now come to terms with the whole thing. Bad reviews, I suppose are bound to happen and we all know that all the people can’t be expected to like all the same things.

I do also confess that whilst buying the amazing May We Be Forgiven by A M Homes in a local Waterstones, I was stupid enough to ask for my own book at the counter. The theory being that if enough people asked, they may stock it. Instead, the kind shop assistant checked on screen, looked up slowly and said “Isn’t that picture you?” pointing to the screen. Be aware that their systems will show any photos on record of the author. “Er, yeah…” was the best my embarrassment would allow. A somewhat idiotic, lesson learned.

I have also been fortunate to be interviewed (telling the above story, of course – have I no shame?) with Dearne FM and been named alongside Dan Brown and JRR Tolkien on the ten best summer reads. Thank you to Also, the very kind people at Female First magazine have put up my recent in-depth interview on their website. This can be found on the Media page of this website.
So, it’s been busy, busy, busy. To those who have kindly asked when the sequel is coming, I’m aiming for June 2014.

Finally and most importantly, RIP Iain Banks who sadly died this week. One of my all-time favourite authors. My thoughts are with his family. To those who haven’t read his work, check out The Crow Road or Complicity for starters. Simply awesome.