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12th May 2017

Hi All

I don’t think that spbeen is actually a word. I’m not sure how I go about getting it into the dictionary. I’ll add it to my list of things to do.

So, just an update more than anything. We have a release date for my new novel, Broken Branches which appears to be getting quite a lot of kind attention in advance of the 27 July 2017 release. The story is that of Ian Perkins and his family who move back into a farmhouse following the sudden death of Ian’s brother. Ian finds some old photographs which lead him to believe in a family curse passed down through the generations and perhaps now reaching his. As always there is a big twist. What more would you expect?

I do have a couple of copies kicking about if anyone wants to buy a signed pre-release copy. If so tweet me @MJonathanLee and I’ll see what I can do.

The very wonderful Midas PR are handling all of the pre-release stuff, so if you want to get in contact for interviews or comment please give Eve Wersocki at Midas PR a shout. You’ll find her online at midaspr.com.

I’ve very nearly finished novel #5, which is tentatively titled “How was I supposed to know how it would be?” I kinda like this title, and unless there is a very good reason for it to change, I think it’ll stick. I reckon it’ll be out late Spring 2018.

Finally, I’ve been allowed to promote “Hidden” – the documentary short by Simon Gamble based on A Tiny Feeling of Fear – you’ll find it here.

Hope all is well with everyone