On the other side of an editing breakdown…

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13th July 2014

Hello again.

I suspected that you may be worried about my health after my near breakdown the other night.

Well, I am pleased to say that,

a) I’m still alive;

b) The edit is done, and;

c) I’ve eaten.

On the downside,

a) I’ve not really slept, I believe that I have edited for near 40 hours since Thursday. I think I’ve slept 12 hours. The rest of the time has been spent with the kids which has kept me sane.

b) Having enjoyed a brief moment of euphoria when the final version went to Charlie, my editor, I dropped deeply into a panic of colossal proportions. What if it’s absolutely rubbish? What if people hate it? What if people don’t get it?


Thus the initial excitement has now ceased and I await Charlie’s comments with some trepidation. Please keep your fingers crossed.

That being said though, I hope the comments will be positive. I’ve loved writing The Page and its developed from quite a simple idea into a nice little web with a twist (as always). Also, perhaps for my own entertainment I have included around fifteen clues which if anyone picks up on they will guess the twist straight away. Hopefully they will be just well enough hidden.

I’ll be running another competition soon, will be posting the rough cover art, will be posting the first chapter or two for your enjoyment and loads of other stuff.

Thanks for your patience and also your support with The Radio, the sales and reviews have been really really positive. If you’ve not had chance to post a review on Amazon please do, it makes a massive difference. You have no idea what it means to me to know that so many of you have bothered to pick up and read my novel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thanks also for your patience in waiting for The Page.¬† There’s a little way to go before¬†it arrives in the shops but the provisional date is 29th September 2014.

And so on with my next project which is either the provisionally titled Radio Too or A Tiny Feeling of Fear both underway right now.

Time for sleep.

Joff x