Sophie Kay,

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1st March 2016

“By far the best book I have read this year…”

“On my all-time favourite list”

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It grabbed my attention from the very beginning. The opening line “Firstly, I’d just like to thank each and every one of you for attending today” is as memorable as the novel itself. Lee’s characters are extremely well written and I found myself caught up in their complicated lives. Lee’s third novel deals with mental health issues; anxiety and depression. The writing style and complex issues had me believe I was reading a classic. Comparatively I was reminded of Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of A Salesman.’

‘A Tiny Feeling of Fear’ deals not only with issues of mental health, but identity, humanity, love and parenthood. Due to the fact Andrew Walker is an extremely anxious individual, as a reader, you cannot help but be physically effected by his narrative. His outlook on humanity is at times horrifying and perhaps is so because it can be validated. In my opinion the pace of the novel was ever-changing however this wonderfully coincided with Andrew’s fluctuating outlook and peace of mind. Despite its heavy themes the novel is not a depressing read, Lee seems to have the balance just right with humour propping up at unexpected times. I rooted for Andrew Walker and celebrated his periods of happiness alongside him. I would recommend this novel to anyone and will treasure my signed copy. The amazing twist at the end stopped me in my tracks and made me want to re-read the whole novel as soon as I finished. This novel is psychological, gripping and utterly unique. ‘A Tiny Feeling of Fear’ deserves so much more recognition and as my 26th novel of 2016 it is by far the greatest novel I have read this year!