R. Scott Griffiths

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3rd February 2015

M. Jonathan Lee’s debut novel first came to my attention a few months ago, as a finalist in The Novel Prize 2012. I have enjoyed books by Nick Hornby and Joseph Connolly when in the mood for “real life” literature (doesn’t involve mass killings, magic, apocalyptic futures, deadly strains of flu, etc). As M. Jonathan Lee’s style has drawn comparisons with both I’ve been awaiting its publication keenly. I’m so glad I kept my eyes peeled for it as it’s a cracking read. The characters are well formed and you really care what happens to each one of them right from the start. In a nutshell this book will have you chuckling one minute and choking back tears the next (or biting the inside of your cheek in a manly fashion). I haven’t enjoyed a debut novel as much since Alex Garland’s “The Beach”…here’s hoping Mr Lee’s next novel isn’t far away!