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24th March 2016

“Best Book of 2016”

I really enjoyed this book. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy I exchange for an honest review, without which, I may not have come across it.

Lee tackled a difficult subject matter with understanding and respect and if you haven’t already lived with mental illness in one way or another, it would surely act as an eye opener. There was a lot of the story that would resonate with a wide audience. The day to day mundane is a familiar theme at least.

As I started the book I was slightly concerned that it could be a little heavy due to the subject matter, however as I turned page after page, I realised I had nothing to worry about. It is very well written and kept me involved from start to finish. I enjoyed the story being told in first person narrative. I liked that Andrew was talking to me, it helps the reader to connect, whether or not they truly understand his daily struggle. The pace changed throughout the book, almost reflecting his current state of mind, again, helping you connect to Andrew.

This is without doubt, the best book I’ve read in a while, and now I know what I know from the ending, I will be reading it again very soon. I would absolutely recommend this book and I will certainly be looking out for other books by the author, as I really enjoyed his writing style.