MHB: Mental Health Barnsley

As you are all aware, one of the main reasons for my existence is to help to raise awareness of mental health issues. You’ll have seen my regular articles in the Huffington Post along with some more recent articles I’ve written and other interviews.

Here’s a taster of a few:

On top of this, my third novel A Tiny Feeling of Fear was a story almost-true to life about coping with mental health issues and the hope that always exists however life can get.

We even filmed a documentary which has received excellent reviews. INSERT LINK HERE.

About two months ago, I spoke at a local event we termed ‘An Open Discussion on Mental Health’. Here I spoke candidly about my own mental health experiences before we spoke as a community about the help needed in our area.

There is a link to some of that evening here. Insert Link.

From this evening, it became obvious that we needed a cohesive strategy to try and make a change in the local area. From here, (or been born.

You can find links here: