“How do you find the time?”

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8th June 2015

Read the above six words and then say them in a mock-posh sixty eight year old ladies voice.

Okay, you’ve become my Mum.

These were the words I was greeted with today when I saw her after work. We were chatting for the painfully short few minutes that I could spare.

So, in that vein I thought I’d write a tiny-weeny update on where I am for you all.

I realise that I’m behind on the Lifting The Lid series. My sincere apologies. I’ll get back to it.
The main reason for this is A Tiny Feeling of Fear (ATFOF for short). My third novel.

I have been writing constantly now for six weeks. ATFOF began sometime last October, when I kicked a few ideas around about the story structure. In January I began to write in earnest and by the end of April I had written thirty-odd thousand words. A month later, it now stands at eighty-eight thousand words. I have not stopped writing for the entire month of May.

I am shattered. The edit comes next and I am already on with that. I work around 50 hours a week in my day job so all this comes in between looking after the kids and my day job. I’ve taken two days off work this week to move it on a bit further.

I have to say as well that so far, I am over the moon with it. It is a dark tale, yet is a story of hope. You and I both know that we only show the faces we want people to see. Our work colleagues, the people we see every day only show us the side they want us to see. ATFOF follows Andrew Walker who has made a decision to let everyone see every side of him. He wants his voice to be heard in the hope that others do the same. Maybe he can change the world?
Also in May, my new publishers SoloPreneur Publishing have done an ace job of repackaging and republishing The Radio and The Page. I have had interviews published in the Barnsley Chronicle and Sheffield Star. I am on BBC Radio Sheffield Rony Robinson show tomorrow (9th June). I have been asked to go to the States and write about the recording of Boston band “Hallelujah The Hills” new album.

So, lots and lots happening.

We are hoping that A Tiny Feeling of Fear will be launched upon the world in October 2015. Once I’ve finished the draft, I’ll get back to Lifting the Lid. Promise.

I mean what do you want? Blood?

Take care