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16th October 2014

Good evening.

After my last post I thought I’d do a brief update as to where I am now. Not physically. In the ahem, ‘wonderful’ world of writing.

So, here goes…

The latest news is that following the much publicised destruction of The Page by my editor, I am now nearly through with the final edit. I have to say that in hindsight the editor’s comments were really rather good. Having gone back through the manuscript, I have rewritten huge swathes and actually in all honesty they do make for a much better book.

The publishers want final copy for the second week in November.

Aside from a week in Morocco with the family (apparently it’s Ebola-free as I write this) this should give me enough time to get it all done and dusted.  Once it heads to the publishers it is completely and utterly out of my hands until the beginning of next year when I begin the marketing and media push to get it noticed. Hurrah!

In other matters, the second edition of The Radio is published on 28th October 2014, the first edition having now completely sold out. Those of you who have bought it now own a collectors edition. Nice one.

Tomorrow, I’m recording for BBC Radio Sheffield’s Live-ish show which goes out on Saturday 18th 2014 at 1.05pm. This time I’m on with Canadian comedienne, Tanya Lee Davis. Should be good.

Next week on the 22nd October, I am lucky enough to be headlining a little event called ‘Meet the Author’ at Sheffield’s prestigious Off The Shelf festival. You can find details on the ‘Speaking’ page of this site. It is truly worth coming along. Effectively, I get up and talk for half an hour with a Powerpoint presentation as my only company. It promises plenty of laughs as I basically end up making a complete idiot of myself. Do come along if you get chance.

And finally, as I struggle past the middle of November deadline, I can truly focus on my next novel, the snappily titled “A Tiny Feeling of Fear or The Two Sides of One” – a dark comedy focusing on the fallout when one individual accidentally traps another’s in the lid of a photocopier. I’ll tell you more as the months pass. Needless to say, there’s a twist. A big one. 

Thanks for persevering,